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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
According to the Criminal Code Airsoft guns fit the description of "replica firearm" and "imitation Firearm" consequently they are a prohibited device, and no one under the age of 18 can purchase one legally.

There is an exemption under the possession and transport sections of the Criminal code for possession so people can legally own them, but no one under 18 can. Other than the possession and transportation exemptions ( in that it is **not** an indictable offense to transport or possess replica firearms) all other sections of the criminal code with respect to Prohibited Devices apply to airsoft weapons.

These are **not toys ** in the perception of the law they are just as illegal as any other prohibited firearm, except you require no license to posses them.

The firearms act is pretty clear as to who can legally own Prohibited Devices.. and certainly no one under 18 years of age qualifies.

Someone over the age of 18 could buy it.. but it would be illegal for them to give it to you as only people and businesses licensed to trade in prohibited devices can "transfer" a prohibited device to someone who can legally own one
"transfer" means Sell, give , loan or rent,

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This is totally wrong. If airsoft were prohibited devices nobody would be able to have them, 18 or otherwise. Everything you said in that post is absolutely wrong, I don't know if you made it up or you think you heard it somewhere but it's all completely bogus. Legally (except for in Ontario) under or over 18 makes no difference for airsoft.

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