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The very first airsoft game in paintball city, August 12, 1989 there were 12 of us (SD Unit crew & a few others) there were some paintballers questioning the management at the time on how come a bunch of crazy Asians were allowed using real guns in there?, shooting at each other and the infamous "Holy shit is that shit real??" question begins.

- OPCT1 and OPCT2

- Getting my boot chewed by a fucking Beaver in OPCT1, Naked man on the field at OPCT2, watching the Quebec boys in awe at our field kitchen meal set up at OPCT2 (MRE vs T-Bone steak, sausages and watermelon)

- Airsoft introduction to the paintball world at Skyball in Skydome, riding on Wilson's meat truck is an experience that I will remember till the day I die.

- Poncho's rage on a new WA SW40 vs tree

- Lynch's venture to a "not so deep creek"

- 1 month prior game time organization by phone

- $60/bag of .25 KSC perfects bbs during the shortage
Ummm that could possibly have been me! LOL I remember playing on night many years ago before I had an inkling of airsoft and walking off the field and I was like derrrrrrr! True story we came up from St. Catharines because at the time it was the best indoor place to play! So weirddd.....
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