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I have the G&G max socom I like it, it's quite pricey since prices have dropped on Echo1s since I bought this gun last year. If you flip for the max line gun, all you'd need is a lighter spring, it comes with an m100, which is good for about 350-360ish when I chronoed it. I put in a 110. Everything else has been factory upgraded with G&G's high end stuff, but that's only the max line.

The problem with the G&G and classic army is cost of mags. You're looking at 35-50 for a G&G low cap or CA midcap. The CA's have feeding issues and I broke the lip in the first game I played. The G&G's are nice, but expensive.

Also the plastic stocks on the G&G and CA are very weak in some spots, they tend to break/crack very easily. I see this more as a hassle than a negative, given the nature of a lot of airsoft stuff. I've found every gun has some sort of body issue, be it potmetal cracking/fracturing or plastic breaking. The stock is easily repaired and reinforced with epoxy.

Aside from that, the gun never let me down mechanically, shoots consistently and straight. It's just a heavy beast. Mine comes in at about 11-12 pounds loaded with my ris, optics, battery and mag.

Accuracy compared to a TM? I'd have to see it side by side, I'd LOVE to see it side by side actually ,so I can prove or disprove all the talk about which is better, since everyone who bitches about the G&G m14 had one from years ago and complains about mech issues I have never seen in mine.

However, given the market now with the recent changes, if I were gun shopping this year for an m14 or variant, I probably would not have chosen this one given its price difference. Granted there aren't very many m14s easily available, but Given the options, I'd have gone with a different platform. possibly hk416 or g36.

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