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Mike Mann Vahn

Hello everyone, l know things for me have been bad for in the past. But pretty much all my troubles are over.

The transaction with nightimerunner is almost complete, once thats over everything will be done.

l'm aware that i've been accused of many things, called names and so on. That is in the past, but that has changed, a great deal. l'm not here to re-introduce myself into the sport nor to start fights, l just want this to end properly.

l post here again, because this Mike Mann Vahn issue is yet to be resolved. The fact remains, he still owes me an m4. Now l rather have money then the m4 since im out of the sport. But w/e can be arranged would be fine by me.

So l ask of you for any information leading to him. Phone number anything that would help. lts been 6-7months now and l have managed to get a phone number but unfortunatly it was his parents.

- One last thing, for the record, i'm not out to scam anyone, l have bought, sold and traded lots of stuff; you can ask TruLai
And any others l might have forgotten about.

Of the many deals l had, l let 2 of em go horribly wrong. Anyways that aside, l would like to thank you all for what ever help you could provide. As well as a big hello ;-)

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