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Purchasing My First "Good" Gun

What's up guys. Just joined the forum today, and I have a question.
To begin, I've only recently started getting really into airsoft (I've played a lot in the past). I used to (and still do) organize small games with my friends in a local field where we wouldn't get much attention (as I understand that airsoft in general is looked down upon by many). We mostly just run cheap guns that are good enough to hit each other with.
Eventually, it would be nice to find experienced people around my area to engage in the sport with, but for now, finding the right gun and playing with my friends is just fine.
On to my question. Basically, I turned 18 on Friday, and as a result, I have received a numerous amount of money, therefore increasing my budget. Basically, I'm looking for a new gun. I hear that AEGs are good guns to start out with. Can anyone suggest any intermediate to experienced level airsoft guns for me to buy? I want this one to last me awhile, unlike all the cheap guns I've gone through. Any suggestions and links (youtube videos, reviews, pictures, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the help!
Also, any newbie tips would also be appreciated.
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