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to the OP, i'll share my experience to you. 90% of the people here will tell you TM m14 or nothing. indeed tm m14 is a very good platform. i had this debate for a very long time about the G&G M14 and TM m14, which one has the better performance, range, accuracy, durability, upgradability.

i did my own homework and research both platform, read countless reviews on different forums, watch videos and videos on youtube and at that time since TM is so famous (even today) its the only one i can actually test first before getting one. after 6 months of all this dabate i finally made my decision. i chose G&G over TM, price is out of the question.

i took my m14 to many games already and campared this to fully upgraded TM side by side and there are some of the things i've compared. G&G M14(upgraded with infinite torque up gears) vs TM M14 (multiple/fully upgraded according to the owner).

"to all who read, this is just my personal view and experience with both platforms"

accuracy = about the same to no difference
range = about the same to no difference
durability = G&G gearbox is reinforced but gears is a piece of shit(not the max version)
upgradability = TM hands down
wieght = G&G is slightly heavier
feel = TM feels more plasticky
available parts for accessories and upgrades = TM ftw.

btw, i never had any regret with the platform i choose. i would suggest you do a little bit of homework and find it out yourself which one you think is best for you.

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