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Originally Posted by Battery View Post
It's not my "First" rifle, I currently have an ICS M4 and I've played around with various other M4 makes and brands, AEG and GBBR. I won't be playing indoor all to often and it does come with a downgraded optional spring.
Sorry, i made that first rifle assumption, based upon where you've posted this to.

Originally Posted by Battery View Post
I'm looking for distance and accuracy, thats why I've taken an intrest in this gun. Im really not a CQB person at all, I know the gun will limit where I can play but thats fine by me, I've got my sights set on an M14.
Speaking to the choir, brother. Similar with me. Do what your heart tells you to do, as long as the wallet (and SO) allows it.

Originally Posted by Battery View Post
I know the price is a little high, however the Echo1 before upgrades is $400, and by the time I upgrade everything (battery, tight bore, charger etc) I'll be looking at around $550 so it's no different to me, if there was a different place I could get this rifle I would be more then glad to get it somewhere else!
Perhaps wait until the spring buying rush is over, and the retailers restock? I know that a few are pretty much out of all their over-wintered popular model stocks now.

Might want to ask a mod to move this to the Restricted Age of Majority Discussion section, so that people could give you suggestions as to where to find what you are looking for, in stock.
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