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Originally Posted by Battery View Post
Okay, so after a few weeks of decision making I'm stuck on the idea of getting an M14. Now I do not want to get one used so I'm avoiding the classifieds. Originally I was going to go with the Echo 1 Mock Wood M14 then upgrade it, however I've recently came by the G&G M14 for around 150$ more.

Link redacted

Just wanted to see what you guys thought first.

First rifle?

Not trying to discourage you, and i have -zero- experience with actually fielding one yet, but...

This is pretty much an outdoor gun. You aren't going to have much fun CQB'ing it. It's a LONG rifle - it dwarfs my 14.5" M4. In short, your choice in rifle, if it is a first, is going to be a limitator as to where you can play it.

Please look at this thread - I'm not sure if it is addressing the IWS variant, or another variation, but the base mechanical components are the same. The gun docs appear to be giving it a pass, as it is a proprietary G&G mechbox design, not TM compatible.

I do have an M14 (different brand, and heavier than this particular model), but as said, I haven't fielded it yet. I don't think i'd want it as a primary, but as an additional toy in the arsenal, the M14 is great (and going to be a great muscle builder to carry it about the field!).

If i were you, and this would be your primary - i'd look for something more versatile as a primary, and perhaps look forward to the M14 as a secondary. But.. different strokes, for different folks.

PS. Horrible price!

My $0.02.

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