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One of the best stories I've heard, happened at one of the Keystone events. A few guys had snuck up on a sniper nest, or guard tower kind of thing. It was dark out, and they could hear a few guys chatting up top. They decide to lob a grenade up there to deal with them. The grenade hits it's mark, and goes off. Nothing but silence. Buddies pissed, because he knows he got them, so he throws another one. When the grenade goes off, the guys up top cry "hit,hit, were hit!", and come down.

What had happened was the first grenade landed in a pot of ravioli the guards were cooking, except they didn't notice. When the grenade went off it scared the shit outta them, and covered them all with boiling sauce. So they all just sat there staring blankly at each other trying to figure out what the fuck happened, until the second grenade hit.
i love this story man, this really makes my day.
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