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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
For some insane reason, many AEG manuals have diagrams of spraying silicone into your hopup. This is not useful at all because it lubricates the surface of your bucking, ensuring that your accuracy will suck. There are better ways of cleaning your hopup and bucking chamber *without* spraying them down with silicone.
the purpose of spraying oil into hop up chamber is not for cleanning, it's to prevent the hop up rubber from dry out and lose of elasticity , so it will last longer.

I'll certainly spary oil into the chamber if I am going to store my gun in my locker for next season, no matter AEG or GBBR.


the oil from you link is good, I've been using them for my gun since 2009 and so far my tm g17 mags still hold gas very well, they are safe to use. however, this oil is very light, they won't last on any moving parts.

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