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Silicone Lubricant Spray Question

Hello all, I'm pretty new to airsoft and The other day I stumbled across: At my local Canadian Tire.

Now seeing how this stuff seems very similar to the silicone oil lubricant spray I bought from a reputable ASC retailer. And it claims to be "Safe for use on metal, rubber, vinyl, wood, etc" and that it "Lubricates doors, locks, hinges, belts windows, latches, zippers, switches, fishing equipment, tools, chains belts, sports equipment, lawn equipment, valves, linkages, pulleys, fans and more" I figure it should be safe for my guns and shouldn't eat away at anything.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether I can use or should stay away from this stuff. I know to always use quality product when maintaining my guns(an ounce of prevention's worth a pound of cure).

Also one last thing. This stuff would be not be used with my propane adapter(I have the non spray %100 pure silicone for that) just for lubricating my pistol mostly and doing maintenance on my aeg.
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