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Originally Posted by Krimble View Post
Thanks for making yourself more clear. I pay about 20$ of gas per week, 250 on insurance, and for gear, I bought myself a pair of boots, some gloves, and I got a riding jacket for my birthday last year.

I only make about 5000$ per year, but I like to spend my money wisely, I buy some expensive stuff, but I never buy "nick nacks" however you call it. I don't spend my money on worthless stuff. Air soft was a hobby I was interested in joining.

I do however understand your point and I understand that I can no longer get help until I am 18. After reading your post, I agree. However, how would you feel about I buy a gun, do some mod/upgrades, buy gear, and learn some more and talk to you guys on Non-AV sections. Then When I turn 18 I will be able to more fully enjoy the sport.

You made me realize that it may not be such a good idea playing close to the public, but do you think it's rational that I buy one and work on it inside my house, and wait. I will be able to learn in the mean time. One of the things I was hoping for in airsoft was to build an outfit, work on my gun, and learn how the internals work. I hope you do understand my point though.

PS: I am in no means trying to ruin the name of the sport, I will take your advise and not go near public and wait until I am 18 to play.
I understand your perspective - I am not so old that i do not remember when i was also young. The high-lighted portion of your quote is reasonable, achievable and realistic. While you may not actually be playing until you are 18.. you are getting a head-start on getting everything needed to do just that. Once you do turn 18, and if you still feel strongly about Airsoft, then you are well ahead of the game in terms of knowledge and equipment, to join right in. A year is not a long period of time to wait at all.

Edit: while your Father might be able to buy the gun for you - he in essence then assumes responsibility and financial liability for that gun. If something happens that would cause harm to someone else, in theory at least - he would assume the financial liability - which is hard to enforce outside of the home. It's hard to go after an essentially asset-less and legally non-responsible 17 year old, if he or she should put someone's eye out in an act of either negligence or malice. This is the basic reasoning behind the 18+ restrictions, as i understand it.

If he buys it for you, it'd be wise of you to not take it out of the family house until you are 18+, to avoid a chance of watching the family house turning into the poor house.

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