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Then i am corrected on the motorcycle issue. However, the rest of my points do remain pertinent. Whether in the country, rural area, town or city, you just never know who is walking by and who may be gun-shy AND equipped with a cell-phone. Bottom line - unless on an approved field, no matter where you are, you are running a risk. You and your buddies number hasn't come up, as of yet. After all, this is Canada, home of the liberal Suzie Soccer-Mom - who is out to protect her wee ones from scary guns. Guns that can include airsoft rifles, cap guns, super-soakers, pellet guns, etc. That sort of type go out of their way to make life difficult for any individual possessing anything resembling a gun in public, whether a toy or not As far as i know, Suzie Soccer-Mom exists from sea to shining sea in our liberalist fair land - you aren't isolated from them, no matter where it is you may live.

I'd sure like to know how much you are paying for gas, insurance, safety equipment and maintenance, and on which motorcycle. They aren't cheap around these parts - I know, i've got a few in my own garage. That must be one hell of a part time job.

In any case, you aren't going to be getting any assistance on the gun acquisition issue here, for a reason. You do display some of those reasons. That should be the end of the discussion, as far as that goes.
Thanks for making yourself more clear. I pay about 20$ of gas per week, 250 on insurance, and for gear, I bought myself a pair of boots, some gloves, and I got a riding jacket for my birthday last year.

I only make about 5000$ per year, but I like to spend my money wisely, I buy some expensive stuff, but I never buy "nick nacks" however you call it. I don't spend my money on worthless stuff. Air soft was a hobby I was interested in joining.

I do however understand your point and I understand that I can no longer get help until I am 18. After reading your post, I agree. However, how would you feel about I buy a gun, do some mod/upgrades, buy gear, and learn some more and talk to you guys on Non-AV sections. Then When I turn 18 I will be able to more fully enjoy the sport.

You made me realize that it may not be such a good idea playing close to the public, but do you think it's rational that I buy one and work on it inside my house, and wait. I will be able to learn in the mean time. One of the things I was hoping for in airsoft was to build an outfit, work on my gun, and learn how the internals work. I hope you do understand my point though.

PS: I am in no means trying to ruin the name of the sport, I will take your advise and not go near public and wait until I am 18 to play.

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