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Originally Posted by Krimble View Post
I paid 4500$ of my earned money on a motorcycle, I pay my plates, my insurance, I have my license, and I don't drive in private land, I drive on the road.

I never play close to other people, but I don't live in town, I live in the country, Everyone knows who we are and most of my neighbors are related to me.

A place which we will do wars is in one of my friends dads land. It's about 3 km's from any house and it's his land. I have had a pellet gun for about 3 years and I never had a problem. I am safe with it, I Never shoot when someone is around, and I always wear safety protection.

I always ride safe on my motorcycle, follow street rules, and I am never rude to anyone.
We take safety and the sport in a mature way.
Then i am corrected on the motorcycle issue. However, the rest of my points do remain pertinent. Whether in the country, rural area, town or city, you just never know who is walking by and who may be gun-shy AND equipped with a cell-phone. Bottom line - unless on an approved field, no matter where you are, you are running a risk. You and your buddies number hasn't come up, as of yet. After all, this is Canada, home of the liberal Suzie Soccer-Mom - who is out to protect her wee ones from scary guns. Guns that can include airsoft rifles, cap guns, super-soakers, pellet guns, etc. That sort of type go out of their way to make life difficult for any individual possessing anything resembling a gun in public, whether a toy or not. As far as i know, the Suzie Soccer-Mom exists from sea to shining sea in our liberalist fair land - you aren't isolated from them, no matter where it is you may live.

I'd sure like to know how much you are paying for gas, insurance, safety equipment and maintenance, and on which motorcycle. They aren't cheap around these parts - I know, i've got a few in my own garage. That must be one hell of a part time job. If you've got enough money to afford that on an ongoing basis, then your argument about maybe not having enough money/spending it on something else instead of Airsoft within a years time, is pretty much invalidated.

In any case, you aren't going to be getting any assistance on the gun acquisition issue here until you are age validated 18+, for a reason. You do display some of those reasons. That should be the end of the discussion, as far as that goes.

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