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/Face Palm.

Wrong place. At best you are likely breaking local ordinances unless you live 500 km north of bum-puck nowhere. At worst, you will have a Tactical Team joining you and your group for a little bit of woods-ball. There projectiles don't sting, they kill, and if they feel threatened they may be shooting first and asking the questions later. Prime case in point below.

Your assertion of maturity has just pretty much evaporated, as far as Airsoft goes. It is an adult sport, for a reason - and i can see why some think that 18 is even way too young. Start thinking more of the ramifications of your own actions - that is also a good indicator of maturity.

As for the motorcycle, is it licensed and insured - unless on your own property, it's also likely illegal to be using that elsewhere, even if it is an off-road motorcycle. Too many young idjits crashing them on public land/other private owners land, and then turning around and suing the municipality/corporation/private owner of the property for their own darn negligence.. not your generations fault - mine was responsible for that one.

The point is of the above, we don't really want your generation, taking Airsoft away from us all, by doing the same sort of silly things - and what you described above is becoming increasingly, and frighteningly more common, with bad results for all.

If i were your age? I was your age. I had a job at your age that kept me from doing silly things over the summer, and in the end i had enough to pay a year of college. Airsoft, or other relatively expensive, and unrealistic hobbies for that age, weren't really a financial option. You've already got a few hobbies that cost some money.
I paid 4500$ of my earned money on a motorcycle, I pay my plates, my insurance, I have my license, and I don't drive in private land, I drive on the road.

I never play close to other people, but I don't live in town, I live in the country, Everyone knows who we are and most of my neighbors are related to me.

A place which we will do wars is in one of my friends dads land. It's about 3 km's from any house and it's his land. I have had a pellet gun for about 3 years and I never had a problem. I am safe with it, I Never shoot when someone is around, and I always wear safety protection.

I always ride safe on my motorcycle, follow street rules, and I am never rude to anyone.
We take safety and the sport in a mature way.
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