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Originally Posted by Krimble View Post
Ok, Is it possible for my dad to buy me a gun on Toronto Airsoft? Sorry if you can't answer, it's all good. I know how you guys feel about being young and not being responsible, but I'm 17 years old, and hopefully you can tell in my posts that I am mature. I just want to know, do you guys recommend buying a gun now and upgrading it over time until I get 18?
This may sound stupid, but I don't want to get uninterested in airsoft. I have a feeling that If I have money I will buy something else on impulse. Sorry if this is too much.
Being impulsive, or "Oh look at that, a new Shiney! Syndrome" is a sign of immaturity, young Padwan. Ok, I'm 44, and I have the same damned syndrome too.. But i am over 18, and do have other bills to pay, and to prioritize, otherwise.

My point? Financial responsibility and focus/prioritization is all a part of becoming more mature. A year REALLY isn't all that long a period, at all. Throw $5.00 or $10.00 into a pot every week or two, and by the time you get there, you can live being a 17 year old, buying 17 year old things, and by the time you are 18 you've got a good chunk of the $$ to buy a gun - and the way prices are going, it'll be cheaper then also. If you lose interest between now and then, then maybe it wasn't all that interesting to begin with - just a temporary obsession on this or that (I get those too).

I'd hope that Toronto Airsoft would refuse a sale, if you walked in your father and it was obvious that he was buying for you. I was in there today buying my own latest Shiney, and i didn't observe any under 18's there. At the youngest, there was a few 20-somethings there, and a few other old farts of my vintage.
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