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Originally Posted by Grizzly0679 View Post
The law is actually very simple and can be broken down into 4 categories. The clear plastic does have an impact on legality, but emphasis is placed on FPS.

1. Clear Plastic. These are viewed as toys and are perfectly legal to own and acquire(buy).

2. Replicas. Replicas fire under 366 FPS, and look real(i.e. not clear plastic). This is where some of the confusion is. You can legally possess one of these guns, but you cannot acquire one.

3. Replicas that fire above 366 FPS but under 500FPS. This is what you want in terms of a legal, metal/smoked receiver airsoft gun. They are considered "firearms" but since they do not fire above 500 FPS you do not have to register them with the RCMP.

4. Weapons that fire above 500FPS. Deadly stuff. Gotta register with the RCMP. Not airsoft material.

You're probably asking, "but the fields require a FPS setting of 350 or lower so how does this make my gun legal?"

The key here is that you "acquired" your rifle at the above 366 and below 500FPS stipulation. What you do with it after you own it is your responsibility.

And that's it. Simple really, just order anything that's a) not being imported; b) fires above 366 and below the 500FPS range.

hope this helps
So going by this post here, technically speaking from a the Canadian law's standpoint, every gun in the classifieds that doesn't meet the required 366 fps and has an opaque frame is illegally listed? Including that of the AV'd retailers as some advertise their guns well below the 366FPS threshold to cater to the CQB requirements? Do we need some sort of license to posses one of these then? If it's illegal, i'll halt my dealings in the classifieds once and for all.

I apologize in advance if this question seems redundant. I've read the faqs and RCMP stipulations for replica ownership/transfer but i just need some clear cut answers if there are any, from guys in the world of airsoft.
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