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I have to agree with most of the comments. I tried the Bolt Action road and it's disappointing unless you have a very expensive airsoft. My suggestion is to play like a sniper, using cover and stealth but using a quality assault rifle with the right upgrades.

If you want the "Look" of the sniper, add a scope, a silencer and a camo job. You will get an assault weapon that will receive compliments. The best platform to upgrade and modify is the AR (M16-M4) because it's very modular, least expensive and theirs tons of parts for it.

Once you have your aeg, send it to a well renowned gundoc (not the friend of a friend) like Michaud in Quebec city which his a real armorer with a diploma. He will open the gearbox and make sure everything is lubed properly with quality grease, not too much like most gearbox from the manufacturer, he will shim everything and will replace the wiring, the spring and the inner barrel. You will see an immediate and significant improvement and you will get the fps you want to be legal at your local field. It will also keep your airsoft from breaking in the first few weeks like you see so often.

I wish we could be more help but rules are rules

Take care and choose wisely yound padawan
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