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At least there's some resemblance of grammar and concise proper thoughts so I'll bite:

- Not a good idea to get a sniper rifle. At $600 you're not going to get very much out of it. If you up that to around $800-900 you can get a better platform but IMHO you're honestly going to have to dump at least $1200 into a BASR (gun + upgrades) to get it to where you'll be consistent and have an advantage over other players (also dumping in a 500 FPS spring doesn't help anything, you need things like a zero trigger, hop up bucking, inner barrel, teflon cylinder etc.).
- Also don't get an M14, mainly because it's a bitch to work on. I literally saw 2 people trying to put together a V7 gearbox the other day mainly because you need really dexterous fingers and lots of patience.
- I would highly recommend an AR15 platform to start off with. Maybe say something like a VFC SPR, great gun IMO and if you play in single shot like a DMR you'll be on your way to becoming a sniper and it's a great stepping stone overall with plenty of internal and external parts available for the AR and V2 gearbox. Either that or an AK.

PS: Even if you are 18 we can't tell you where to buy and what websites and such. It's against forum rules, you have to be Age Verified in person by a volunteer rep in/around your area.
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