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Originally Posted by Krimble View Post
I want to be a Sniper, but I have read many posts in wich members say that a sniper is no good for a starter gun.
There are a couple of reasons why people say this, and this will be made worse by the fact that you aren't of age yet.

Firstly, the reason sniping sucks for beginners is that the role in no way whatsoever resembles what you are accustomed to in Call of Duty.

Your range and accuracy will not be any better than players who are using AEGs. It will actually likely be worse because with your budget and lack of AV you will not be able to acquire a Tokyo Marui VSR, which is the only sniper rifle really worth getting. You can however get AEGs which are "sniper rifles", in a manner of speaking, but will lack some of the benefits of a real VSR.

If you get a bolt-action sniper rifle, your reload rate will be fairly bad. Your opponents will be using rifles that can fire anywhere from 10 to 30 rounds per second and often be carrying hundreds of rounds on their loadouts. You will get smoked.

Ghillie suits are pretty cool, but they're also very hot. We're heading into warm weather now and most guys that I see with ghillie suits in the spring and summer time are in an endless state of heat exhaustion. This is another reason to wait.

With your budget, you will not be able to get optics which are anything beyond just "airsoft" optics, which typically suck, have terrible eye relief, etc.

My advice:

Go the AEG route for now until you are 18. Get a King Arms M4 or something of that nature. The prices of high end full metal rifles have fallen hard in the last few months, which means you can get a rifle that is at least twice as good as your friends' G&Gs for less than they paid for them. There's lots of good stuff out there right now. Avoid the G&G distributing retailer from Alberta with the bright green and black artwork and big pretty pictures. I absolutely promise you you'll get better stuff if you go elsewhere.

Wait it out, and then treat yourself right and get a TM VSR in the fall.

It will be the absolute closest you can get to a sniper experience in airsoft. Don't waste your time and money on garbage clones that will never come close. Spend time on the forums learning about what it will take to make your VSR shoot well, why it's important, etc. Talk to other people who own them, and maybe even arrange to try one out in person.
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