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New guy here

Hey guys and galls, Two of my friends suggested I join them in their adventure into the realm of airsoft, they both have a g&g m4. Another friend has a pistol, one a mid performance m16 and another one with a decent G36c. I turned 17 the first of this month, so I will only play with friends this summer until I turn 18. Now my question is : I want to be a Sniper, but I have read many posts in wich members say that a sniper is no good for a starter gun. My budget is around 600$ tor a gun, including sight/scope, battery, extra mag, charger, and BB's I am willing to spend 200 in outfit/extra's. I feel that it is a budget that could get me a decent setup. Trust me though, I will probably buy more after. So, I kind of still want a ghillie and to snipe in a way. Would you guys recommend something like a m14, so I could still snipe, or more of a assault rifle? I know that this is maybe a personal preference choice, but I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks, I am glad I joined this forum, and I hope to know all of you better. By the way, my name is Samuel and I live close to Moncton in New- Brunswick.

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