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Yes, Generally camo defines your team. All the milsims I've attended are as such. Unless the event is very small/invite only. Then you know everyone, but people still try to wear differing camo. I like the idea if two primary camo patterns at a sim, instead of a wash bucket of mixed crap. It's not so bad if there are large groups in different camo. But when you have a few if these and a few of those it gets stupid. That's why it's a good practice for all serious teams to wear the same base camouflage. Mixed and matched drives me nuts to. I saw one guy wearing a woodland tunic, ACU/OCP pants, and a coyote brown chest rig with OD pouches. WTF! They were having trouble deciding where to put him. Lol.
The solution to this is to make him a rogue player. While everyone else is doing their objectives he can come in and try to mess them up. At the same time all teams will be gunning for him as well as their opposing team.

For example, green team kills tan + mixed camo guy. Tan team kills green + mixed camo guy. Mixed camo guy does his best not to get killed by everyone.

If I had 80 other players firing on me I'd learn the lesson fast.
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