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Players who ignore Camo requirements

This seems to be a bit of a hot button on a few spots right now so let's put it this way. Folks who just go to private skrims on crown land or someone's big farm might not get why Camo requirements are in place at large event but if you read the post then it may start to make sense.

You sign up for a large event. You have to pay an entry fee, you have to conform to the requirements of the event organizer to play the game. You and your team wear the right uniform, you pass chrono, you agree to the rules and to call hits on your weapon and to any other unique to the game medic, and MED and re-spawn rules.

You are wearing multicam and your team is blended in with 85 other players from 2 different provinces that you never met prior to the briefing ten minutes ago. You get your briefing and tasks are assigned to your team. You immerse yourself in the game.

A couple hours in you are rolling good, some good kills, you're achieving your tasks and right now you're engaging one of the opposition patrols. You hear voices and movement behind you. You roll your head back and see two players also in multicam to the rear. They give you a wave and a nod. You go back to scanning the front and firing at the enemy.

The 2 players in your team camo roll up to towards you and keep providing covering fire. Then when they're 30 feet away they both light you up in the back.

Do you
A) Feel awe that you taken out by 2 guys with a Spetsnaz like knowledge of tactics who adopted your uniform to infiltrate and engage you? Sure you're dead but it was worth it to be shot by such a worthy foe.

B) Feel pissed?

I don't think I need a poll to see that players who will ignore a game requirement like that are held with the same esteem as those who brush off hits, ignore MEDs and pull all the other shitpump moves in the book.
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