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Lol...this thread is awesome.

Shit that really urks me:

1. People who get shot who refuse to put their gun down and call hit.

2. People who cry about being shot continually after not calling their hit.

3. People that don't pay for gas. They know they owe you money but never cough it up.

4. Friendly fire - Idiots that can't identify a target to save their lives

5. Anyone have that one friend that just isn't sneaky and trips over everything when he's told be be quiet?

6. Darth Vader - there's always one asshole at every game that has a hot Mic and you can never find him.

7. People who hold their gun like a paintball gun...drives me bonkers

8. Giving someone an assignment and they do everything but.

9. Last minute packers. People who never have their shit ready to go the night before and when your ready to leave they need to run back to their house to pick up some things they forgot.

10. Flakers....I hate people who say they are coming then cancel the night before because something came up.
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