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We've come up with a new platform for our Airsoft club that has worked well. It's designed around rewarding those who have dedication, and help new players get up to speed.

For starters we have our club. A large group of players experienced and new. We train, and do scrims on our weekend days. Always trying to to balance out equipment, skill, and experience as best we can team to team. Anyone using "modern" military style gear and guns are welcome. As long as your guns are not clearsoft, and gear is high end replica you can play.

To make it on as a "team" member within the club you must up your equipment to high end, reliable, and real steel. We help the guys who are interested to obtain this gear as cheap as possible, while assisting to prioritize what they need. Let's face it, a player doesn't need to buy night vision, or a Vulcan when all they have is a pistol and boots. You need things like proper BDUs, reliable primary, appropriate pouches, chest rig, boots, eyewear, etc.

Once a player has a proper set of gear, and has shown dedication we bring him onto the team. They must as well fill a "rifleman" role first, so they are more valuable and versatile to the whole team. As well as wearing team camo. The team are players that have say in club related matters, as they now how experience and understanding. They have learned to work together in all things, instead of being out there just for themselves. Team members also get to represent us at milsims or away games.

Once you've passed the basic steps and become a team member you can now branch out into support roles as backups if you like. Things like sniping and heavy gunner help your team better when you have the experience to understand what's involved, and how highly tuned those guns need to be to be effective. Not to mention you won't shoot someones face off with a BA, because you've played enough to play safe. Not just for yourself, but your team mates have faith in you now as well.

So basically two types of players are tolerated. Those who have basic gear; decent Airsoft gun, BDUs, eyewear, etc. And ask for nothing but to come out the odd weekend and have some fun. And team mates; Those that have had the time, dedication, and investment to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Essentially our representatives, and the people we count on.

People we don't tolerate:
#1: Users (people that continually borrow gear, BBs, guns, whatever, and never buy things for themselves). Others do not exist to supply you.

#2: Takers (players that ask for the world, and don't give the dedication it takes). You will not be givin' the same courtesies as those who have invested their blood, sweat, and tears.

#3: Cheaters (players that break rules to take advantage, or help them win). You'll be asked to leave and not come back. And "no!", substandard gear and constantly getting rolled is not an excuse.

#4: Unsportsmanlike (Anyone who loses their temper, or intentionally shoots another player in the face, or anything related "I could go on endlessly here"). Accidentally getting shot in face or getting your ass beat game after game, or players not calling their does not give you the right to yell at people. Wear a mask, buy better gear, shoot them again, it happens.

5#: Whiners (don't complain about little things it just makes you an annoyance to have around). Maybe the team your on isn't for you. Don't expect them to change to suit you.

6#: Unsafe (I don't need to get into this). Use common sense, due diligence, and always follow the rules.

7#: Clueless (These are usually the newbs who act like they know everything, or don't listen to experience, and then act hurt or surprised when players don't want them around, or because their gear keeps breaking on them). These two categories are the ones that feel like they are getting shit on in the forums. Or givin' a hard time at milsims. Let me say that the experienced players you may call "elitist", don't want to see you fail. They are trying to help you. Unless your talking about backyard plinking, you need a reliable gun to field. Take their advice, you'll usually find there is a consensus between people on the forums who've been doing this for awhile. That's because they are right, and have seen this a thousand times before. Decent Airsoft gear isn't really that expensive anymore. And on another note, it's hard to take someone serious at a milsim that doesn't look like they are at least making a basic effort to "simulate military".

For example: while attending a modern milsim, you decide to dress like it's WWII, or your an extra from Starship Troopers, or in your everyday clothes ....This probably isn't the right game/team for you. Your kind of spitting on the organizers who put a lot of time, effort, and money into an event.

I have however noticed that a few newbs have been getting flames for asking questions, and trying to learn. Take good care of the future players, where else are we going to get more members. Most are willing to listen I've found. Don't paint them all with the same brush.

I've probably missed a few player types in the list, but it would go on and on.

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