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^I agree

I've easily spent the price of two PTWs on my mountain bike, not to mention snowboard equipment, skiing equipment. To me, airsoft is one of my cheaper hobbies.
Then again I don't go hit up the bar every weekend and blow $400 on booze and cover. I have better things to spend my money on, others may disagree but I could care less, not their money is it :P

Originally Posted by horto View Post
Another pet peeve: Guns that spend more time on the workbench then on the field. I loathe unreliability in ANYTHING.
And thats reason I don't buy cheap shit. There are things that can be cheaper out on in this sport, the base gun should not be one of them...unless you like tinkering after every game then have atter
My only worry about death is that my fiancÚ will sell my gear for what I SAID I paid for it.....

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