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forsberg, stop while your ahead. This will only end with a lot of butt hurt for you.

And besides at least with airsoft kit you get some practical stuff like clothing, radios, packs, and gear to hold stuff in. It could be worse we could be golfing (nothing wrong with golf BTW) and spending thousands on some nice long pieces of metal. Golf can be considered a waste of money too. My uncle bought a 600 dollar driver last week, and those are only the mid range ones. Its just a piece of metal with a very specific purpose. Its fine to say YOU wouldn't spend hundreds of your hard earned cash on airsoft gear. Believe me I'm in the same boat. The only gear I own is a $30 tacvest. But don't shit on others because they get enjoyment out of their hobby.

Back on topic:

It annoys me when I'm forced to make an account just to see how much shipping will be. Don't retailers realize how much express checkout options are valued?
im not shitting on anyone i just dont like the people that take it so serious and get angry when someone says the wrong terminology or makes a mistake. These people spend tons of money on there gear and expect others to bow down to them because they have the top end crap
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