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Somebodies jealous.

Seriously though on a serious note. MILSIM is that MILITARY SIMULATION the goal is to make it feel like a real military training exercise. Skirms are a lighter more fast paced game mode similar to woodsball from paintball. Thats it. No whiney children just you whining because the big boys got better gear and you don't. Take it from a guy who is not in the army. Some people just want to have that military like eperience but are unwilling to possibly die or not see there families for along time. I am not those people I just applied for the CF... so I guess I'll (try) and do both the real thing and airsoft, gotta problem with that?
You think im jealous of people who waste there money on expensive gear to play with toy guns. Haha highly unlikely. Its airsoft why would i need high end gear..Its toy guns shooting plastic

Also 99.9% of milsims are no where near like real training scenarios.
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