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Eeyore - I am getting the correct email and phone number for the sales person assigned to the charity item and will send it today to you. Right now I only have the President and Director's numbers (not sure if executives are good at this stuff LOL). I know her name is LISA but I want to ensure you are not running around if the email address or phone number is not correct.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Yes there were some killer deals but with more marketing and the contact made in this event, I am sure the next one will have more competition. It's all in the spirit of the auction and I am thrilled that you all got such great deals!

The totals will be posted on Facebook and the website - a third will be equally spread among the three charities: Wounded Warriors (CDN), Wounded Warrior Project (US) and Military Minds.

Watch for the next event.....proceeds going to the Canadian Fallen Firefighter Foundation (May/June 2012). See you then!
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