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First off, your HK416 looks like it has an LMT Crane stock instead of an HK416 stock.

As mentioned, either a receiver plate with some kind of sling attachment point, similar to:

or if you want to use QD sling swivels:

There's also an adapter you can install on the Crane stock for QD swivels:

Or get the newer Mk18 Mod 1 version of the LMT Crane, it has a QD swivel stud built-in (be sure to get the right one if you're using it to store an AEG battery):

Or you can also oldschool/low-tech it and run a loop of paracord through the slots and attach your sling to that.

edit: you might think that last one sounds Ghetto As Fuck, but it's the quietest setup you'll find.

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