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Alright, it's looking like I'll be going with the charger/power supply recommended by L473ncy and the battery linked by abbadon. Just to be sure though, I'll ask the rest of you about that battery (found here -

The dimensions are even smaller than the 8.4V mini that I found (This one:, and the mAh is just slightly higher too, which I'm assuming is good (?) and it's also very inexpensive. But if anyone has any reasons as to why this shouldn't work, might be a bad idea, or just has some better suggestions, please let me know soon. And thank you all once again for your input and all your help, I know I ask a lot of questions and request a lot of clarification, but as stated, I am very new to all of this. So it helps if I can get more than one person to agree on recommending something to me, or give advice that seems to follow closely with advice given by others. I just really don't want to wind up screwing something up in my new gun and then having to pay even more on top of some parts I thought would work to get something else repaired or replaced. I'm sure you'd all understand.
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