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The reviews on "that site" are not written by children, they're written by people getting paid 25 cents per review on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Most of these reviews are frauds or clearly written by excited children.

If you take any review of a G&G gun on any Canadian retailer's site seriously, (and really there's only one site we're talking about here), then you need to open your eyes.

Seriously check this out:

By the way, G&G is pretty decent... Common compression issues can always be fixed with a little knowledge of the mechbox and a little cash on hand. The thing is, it's just not worth it to be paying 2-3X what you should be paying... Also, I am having a hard time expecting someone to who is dead-set on getting a low end gun for a high end price because of some obviously fake robo-sourced reviews to have an easy time learning the ins and outs of a mechbox and compression tuning... Just sayin'.

The regulars on this site waste far too much time answering the same questions to the same old noobs that end up ignoring the answers.. 100 bucks says this gun will be bought.
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