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I'll bite.

Nothing you read anywhere about anything to do with the 'Cool Guys' means anything, especially anything you read on Wikipedia.
A whole host of factors come into kit selection for active SOF units, and trends change weekly.

If you want to do a full-up impression, you can narrow your best guesses down to a reasonable approximation of reality by researching the everliving crap out of a specific area within a specific time-frame, and extrapolate from other units in that same area at that same time.
It will take extreme attention to detail and deep pockets to pull it off respectfully, otherwise you just look like a guy with camo pants, a chest rig, and a t-shirt going to go play some airsoft.

Anything you read is going to be counter-intelligence, or outright waltish lies and should be avoided. No, nobody claiming to be a TIER 1 COLD KILLER on the internet is ever telling the truth, because nobody holding that job is stupid enough to break OPSEC/ PERSEC just to prove some nerd wrong.

The best advice in here is still to go to a game.

Buy some basic, neutral kit which meet's the game's dress code, observe the veteran players and ask them about what they wear.
If you end up making friends with some guys you like the look of, you'll have access to all kinds of good advice and deals on gear.

There's also a big difference between what is necessary to create an impression, and what is necessary to play airsoft effectively. You'll only learn this through experience and advice.

I'd say that if the game or club in question is not allowing a 'PMC' look, then they're not going to be okay with a rig, some pants, and a t-shirt.
They're actually doing you a favor, because colours like red, blue, and orange occur very rarely in forests, and will jump out and become trackable by more experienced players immediately.

Lots of players will be happy to help if you demonstrate that you're willing to listen and be respectful.
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