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I had a GBB come in and you had to sign for it. my 7 ear old sister picked up the mail, signed for it and left

thats bull shit, might as well be handing out lottery tickets at the same time
I live in an apartment building and I got a pair of glasses delivered (could have been anything though) I get home, check the tracking number and it said the package was delivered. No one was home in my apartment, they just let a random person in my building (luckily it was the super) sign for it. But the building had 11 floor with 16 2-4 bedroom apartments per floor, that a lot of people who could just sign and walk away with my package. I gave them a HUGE load of shit when that happened

Just today, learned from a seller here the package he sent me was going to be returned to him. It never went out on delivery, I was never notified. Apparently, my postal code (which I got from the CP website) is WRONG. Funny, had several other packages from amazon, ebay, chapters, all delivered properly with that postal code. All my bills get delivered properly, all delivered by CP and yet this one is a wrong postal code despite being the same?

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