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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
They don't care who actually signs for it, as long as they're over 18. That's why I never pay for "Signature Required", because it's useless.
They're supposed to verify it according to a CP employee I knew a few years ago. The fact that the CP employee in Creston has known me since before I signed up on here is even worse. They also knew that I was making large orders out of Hong Kong and Toronto fairly regularly, and would often ask me what they were. The parcel cards they issue have my last name on them, which means they should be following protocol and requesting ID before handing out the parcel. Huang has now sent two sets of connectors, plus paid for expedited parcel for the second one out of his own pocket, and these fuck-knuckles are letting the wrong people walk away with my shit. What would happen if this was an airsoft rifle, or something to do with my income tax? Some random person gets to take home a $500 AEG or my personal information because the postal employee is too lazy to do her job? This is fucking bullshit.
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?
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