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Originally Posted by Amberclad View Post
Just that I don't really think im gonna get a M4 with the carry handle. I may be wrong but with a RIS system its more easy to mod ?
Almost all M4's have removable carry handles, look for the large round screws on the side. This will give you plenty of rail to mount any optic you want. A rail system can be useful but most people just use them to mount a flashlight and a vertical grip that they don't use anyways. It's a lot of weight when you can simply mount a couple of small rail sections to the handguard to achieve the same effect.

Though rail systems are cool, I want one

* edit: Rail systems can be bought and added after the fact. Sometimes it's better to buy a base M4A1 and add the components you want. It will allow you to customize every part to your desires. May also be cheaper depending what you want. Unless you can find one that is very close to or exactly what you want.

Non removable


Originally Posted by Amberclad View Post
Yeah thats what im thinking , i need to get used to airsoft before go '' marksman '' . So far my choice is a Classic Army M15A4 CQB X-series , im thinking to add a ACOG scope on it. what kind of battery would be needed for that?

An ACOG scope is generally magnified. I would strongly recommend against it for a CQB weapon, unless you like the look and get one that is simply a red dot, not magnafied. Otherwise I would recommend an aimpoint or an eotec.

If you want a gun that will be good for outdoors and indoors you should get one with a 14.5" (M4A1 length) barrel not a CQB length. An upgraded CQB length gun can be made to shoot well for outdoor but all things being equal the longer barrel will keep you from being outranged.

That gun takes it's battery in the stock. A crane stock battery.

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