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Originally Posted by Amberclad View Post
With an M4 CQB maybe I can achieve both , outdoor plays and inside?

As for the SR25 i saw that mags were not compatible with M16 ones and its a designated marksman weapon (wich can be interesting) and the barrel is unscrewable(A&K).

It's advisable for new entrants into airsoft to stay away from DMR's/Sniper rifles as a first weapon - the role that they can play is somewhat limited in a given game, and require patience.. they are more of a stand-off weapon. It's better to get something a little more well-rounded in capability when starting off in the sport, and entertain getting one of the sniper rifles/DMR's as a secondary weapon later, should you so choose to do so.

My M4A1 is a 14.5" version, as are most. I wouldn't hesitate to use it for indoor events, if needed.
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