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Originally Posted by Amberclad View Post
Just that I don't really think im gonna get a M4 with the carry handle. I may be wrong but with a RIS system its more easy to mod ?
I just picked up a VFC HK416 as my first gun, I did a lot of research and I did want an M4 platform. RIS gives you more options to throw on optics, accessories, etc. I like the way the 416 has a full rail front to back so allows me to position my red dot without the gap from the D ring. I made the decision to go full metal based on the durability factor, I know polymers and plastics have gotten much stronger that what they used to be but I have that peace of mind that my 416 can take a bit more abuse when I go to use it.

Whether you get a carry handle or not it's up to you, you gotta' figure out what sort of style you want to go for, I've got bare bones accessories on my 416, a hand me down Magpul AFG2 grip and an NcStar 1x40 red dot. For what it is, it's versatile, I can use it CQB or outdoors, although I still have yet to take it to a game so I'll find out how well it does in a few weekends.
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