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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
This is your bible:
No.. no it really isn't.. Why the heck do you guys keep recommending this site?

Have any of you actually gone to it lately? Because I've been checking fairly often over the months to see if it's ever coming back. It's been variously defunct since last summer.

For many months it was serving malware, and then they took everything offline in promise of the "new" 2012 content by January. It's now March. I think we can safely assume ain't coming back for a while and that there's something up with the project. Even when it was up, there were only a few videos, hardly enough to constitute a bible.

Your bible should really be Standard Tech at Airsoft Mechanics ( ) and YouTube channels like Echo1Techsupport. I am hesitant to recommend ASTKilo23's channel because he makes so many inaccurate statements, but at least he has a ton of videos showing disassembly from 100s of different angles.

Hell, even one week of ASTKilo23's YouTube channel is more than the entire filmed content of Let's put that recommendation to bed already !
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