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Originally Posted by Amberclad View Post
Hi everyone , for this year i wanted to try out airsoft . I played lots of '' Gun games '' before but after reading and watching videos about airsofts for almost 2 years i finally wanted to buy my first gun to be game ready.

After reading a lot my first choices would be the G&G MP5 SD or A4 (338-378$). But I also found this classic Army M15A4 CQB, X-Series for 390$
I can't make a choice , I read that G&G is overpriced in Canada .

Are there any other weapon that I could look into??.

Avoid G&G and ICS halfbreeds. Actually, avoid all halfbreeds. Simply put they're not worth the price.

I'm not a huge fan of G&G guns. Not because they're terrible guns per se, I just happen to believe there is better out there for a similar price.

As for M4 vs. MP5, I highly suggest you go hold and handle both guns first. They're of similar length but feel very different and have different layouts. Personally, I'm not a fan of how M4s feel but I rather like MP5s.

Originally Posted by Amberclad View Post
Great thanks , yeah I contacted someone who can do it , just waiting for a response hehe . thanks for the advices. I need to decide between MP5 and M4 but a question i got , with an MP5 will i get the same distances when shooting than with a M4?
Most AEGs have similar effective range when stock. With few exceptions, any differences are small -like 20'-30' kind of small.

Most AEGs can also be upgraded to shoot to similar levels.. I've seen MP5SD's that are absolute precision beam cannons effective to 200' or more.

From any decent stock AEG you can reasonably expect engagement distances of 80'-150' (dependent on conditions and ammo selection, and a few other factors). Some AEGs you can expect a little more.

Originally Posted by Viper717 View Post
Thanks for the quick response guys, two more questions.
Polycarbonate vs metal bodies; are the metal ones that much better?
Any thoughts/comments about Javelin metal AEG?

Let me put it this way... good quality plastic bodies are fine if you're not rough with your gun... but even low quality metal is superior. Poor quality plastic bodies (as found on most halfbreed guns) are complete shit and should be avoided at all costs.

The other thing to consider is that you're usually only looking at another $100 or so for a metal bodied gun over it's plastic bodied sibling... later upgrading said sibling is probably going to cost you $200+ for the body plus a whole headache of fitment issues.

I'm very much of the opinion that you should you buy the best AEG you can afford first (leaving room in your budget for the other accessories you need, like mags, battery, charger, boots and eye protection, etc.). Get lower quality guns later when you have an AEG you KNOW will work.

Just my $0.02

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