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In modern contexts.. as RK says the process is

self aid.. on the spot

Buddy Aid ( often involving evacuation to cover , and then application of first aid intervention)

and then Medical intervention..

Any medic rules I have ever used involved the idea of Buddy Aid..

Action on Hit .. Fall where hit .. get out your death rag.. .. you are wounded.

you may call out "wounded or help or medic"

to recover.. you Buddy must come to you.. and evacuate you from the location out of engagement.

Your Buddy then Ties onto you your bandage ( around an arm ) you are now "fighting wounded" and can get back into the game.

Action on Hit when "Fighting Wounded" fall where you are hit , and get out your death rag. you may not call out

If a buddy comes up to you .. you must state "i'm dead" you may then go respawn ( if not under fire )

in both cases is no one comes for you in about 5 minutes AND you are not in an active engagement area ( no shooting going on near you)

you may then "bleed out" and go respawn.

Summary: fall when hit. and get out your death rag.. On first hit call for help.. you buddy can extract you.. and tie on your bandage.. and you are back in

on second hit, fall where hit , get out your death rag..

On any hit you must wait minimum 5 minutes before respawning .. and you may not respawn if you are in an active engagement area.
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