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If your medic rule "state machine" has a lot of complexity and transitions between states, try your best to A) convert it to a linear progression and B) allow for a simple physical object to allow the player to mindlessly track state without having to memorize which state he is in.

Allow for a quick 15-20 minute skirmish to get everyone to play-test the system and get trained on it before starting the longer game.

For example, at a recent game everybody was given a lanyard clip with a short piece of rope attached to it. The rope had 6 lightly-tied knots on it to track the state of your health in the game. Get hit by a BB? Wait for a medic, medic unties a knot. No medics available? Go back to base, untie a knot, get back in the game.

It was really easy to remember and everybody had it down after a minute or two. You could imagine variations on this theme to track more complex states of woundedness by simply marking the rope with some paint along the knots.
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