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Let me guess Chi Gun? They had a shitty reputation I told them so. I am not one to sugar coat things it's not my style. I will say it how it is. I was actually perfectly calm writing that post I am just a bit of a dick.
Different customers have different experience. I am a demanding buyer as airsoft is not a cheap hobby, and also won't sugar coat things.

My experience with this shop:


Have a phsyical store opened 7 days a week with fixed business hours. I can pop in anytime. This ensure I can always go back if anything gone wrong with the item I purchased.

Can touch and feel the airsoft guns before purchase. This is important as I game what I buy, and can rule out some hidden surprise.

Take special orders and quick delivery if the Canadian importer has it in stock.

Price is good with choice of payment methods. This has minimized my hard feeling about the recent drop in airsoft guns price, as my loss is not that great when compared to buying from some other retailers.

Staff are friendly.


Limited variety. In stock items are also limited when compared to other retailers e.g. torontoairsoft.

Small shop and a bit crowded during weekends.

Also sell other toys, so not focus on airsoft alone. I do not count on them too much for upgrades and repair.

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