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Originally Posted by bujitjit View Post
To all of the Ares's lover above,

I'm one of the dealers that deals with the Ares distributor in Canada, and they have listened to the customer and trying to change as much as they can.

From what I heard from the local distributor in Canada, they have contacted the ASC and trying to open up an account to help all the ASC members locate their parts with ease.

At first, Ryan told them they can open up account, then later on when everything is ready and the owner of Ares Canada ready to pay and stuff, Ryan told them no, because of some stupid reason I would say!

But as a dealer, from all the story I heard from other distributors, and put every piece together, ASC are just playing games! they don't want to open up account for dealers that are in GTA, because some GTA dealers are threaten them if they let more guys from the GTA hopping on, they will withdraw their ads!

If anyone is clever enough and figure it out, NONE of the newer advertisement are from GTA....!!

This is all BULLS, when you said you trying to help out the ASC community by bringing in benefits from different directions, WHY block some dealers that willing and able to offer such service?

If anyone interested to find out more, I might ask the distributor to pass the email on to me, so I can post it up here.

For all the Ares Lover, there are people that willing to help here, but is being block by a stupide reason from ASC

And for all the Ares hater, there are people that could make your experience better, but ASC wouldn't like to help out!

And for all the mods, or owner of this forum, PLEASE do look into this problem, this is totally BULLS.....!!!
You sir need to stop drinking the koolaid and fuck right off. I denied one GTA retailer. Because they had sketchy feedback. I removed another ontario retailer because I got a ton of complaints about them. I have the right to deny and approve whomever the hell I want. In fact this was brought to my attention as I was emailing Victor from Ares Canada back. I said the first time for him to get age verified. He did then I asked him why I got emails from people saying he didnt reply back to them.

Anyways Ares Canada will have a retailer account and you sir will likely get a week vacation from this site depending on how I feel later in the day.

Originally Posted by Swattiger View Post
Hopefully we could take a more opened attitude towards new retailer who wants to advertise here, so members could have more choice.

I have been buying from a local retailer at prices similar to those who are having big sale here now for a while. And this retailer's application to advertise here was rejected, the reason was "this new retailer would not bring any benefit to the community".
Who might that be? All of these rumors make me laugh. I think people should take a second and look at how many new retailers there are on here now since I got the job. 5 retailers who are all solid people. I just sent out another batch of emails and have I believe 3 or more retailers coming on board in the near future.

Last month after giving Revolution Airsoft retailer powers you people made me quit I hung up my hat and said I am not doing this anymore. You bit the hand that feeds you. So during that time I only answered emails from retailers who had account problems. I sorted them out quick and efficiently. So to the few of you who love to point fingers I point one back at you. What the fuck have you done for airsoft since you started? Cus I guarantee I have done a ton more for this sport then you will ever accomplish. Now I say that as a challenge prove me wrong and do good for the sport instead of being an armchair quaterback.
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