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Yes, everyone will tell you to get age verified. See the link for details on that.

Airsoft prices in Canada are going through a dramatic change at the moment so I don't know if you'll get the same deals in the classifieds as you used to. Check out they are getting a huge selection of guns in the next week or two and their prices will be the best around. I'm not an expert but if you value a good quality gun out of the box then it's absolutely worth it to spend a bit more up front and get something better than G&G. I just bought a KWA M4 and it's top notch.
I dont think their is going to be a dramactic change in the higher quality guns. They manfacturor is not going to drop their prices on parts and labour because we dropped our fps. What we will see are new retailers loading up on more junk because it is cheaper to sell. This may bring down prices a bit on the higher end guns but they are not direct competition. To say a G&G Max should be as cheap as a KWA i dont think is realistic. Their may be a price drop in G&G mid to lower level stuff to compete with the under $300 market. According the the quoted site above all their guns come with an orange tip. No i think i will pass on the orange tip
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