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The one big thing that has always bothered me about G&G halfbreeds is that their price point is usually within a C-note of full metal equivalents. Some of the newer ones are better internally -when they first came on the scene they were pretty inferior overall (CA sportline & ICS clear kind of shitty).

I honestly have zero idea why anyone buys a halfbreed. They're so close in price and I have NEVER seen a clear plastic body that is even remotely close to what I'd describe as durable. I have a halfbreed KWA G36 (won it in a draw, didn't buy it) the internals are excellent but the body is complete crap. A friend has a G&G halfbreed M4 and same story.. decent internals, body is horrid. The compromise isn't worth the extra $100 it's going to cost for a FMU equivalent.

Oh, that and the whole "Canadian Legal" marketing term used with the halfbreeds is such a complete load of bullshit I refuse to touch them on principle alone.

Got to agree with ya on that one. I have an ICS painted plastic. Although I cant complain about it, makes a great loner or rental, just not the same
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