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My first aeg was a g&g cansoft m4 cqd. It has served me well. Had a piston head fail but other than that it has been good to me. My second aeg was something I got used being told it was "upgraded" and had a king arms metal body. Well after fixing stuff on it I can say it started out life as a m16 g&g cansoft and now sports a KA lower receiver. The upper is still a g&g. My 3rd aeg ended up being a g&g too. Got a cqb-s max used here on asc for an ok price. Not gamed it yet but the build on it seems good. I think I'll put my spare ascu in it sometime in the near future. Would I buy another g&g? Sure. Would I buy any other brands? Sure. Would I buy from buyairsoft? Not with my money. Too much there. If I were to get another aeg tomorrow. The $300'ish king arms m4 it would be...
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