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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I have yet to see G&G Combat Machines here in Canada, which seem to be a really popular brand (kind of how the KA M4 is becoming the "go to" M4 for new guys in Canada).

G&G guns still cost more than they're worth in Canada, and you can get better for equivalent prices. Like this: $1,000 for a G&G M14? Yea, keep dreaming Buyairsoft.
There are some Combat Machines for sale in Toronto, but not in large numbers.

Also, G&G's low-to-mid-range mechboxes appear in AEGs not sold as G&G. SOCOM Gear's PWS series, the Umarex MP5s, etc. The PWS Diablo has G&G's GR16 mechbox in it. A gun which at the time that I purchased it had virtually identical internals (mechbox, motor) and externals (crane stock, reciever, etc) as guns selling for 3 times less in the USA.

Knowing what I know about the winds of change with respect to prices in this country, I'd avoid G&G in Canada until their prices come down by at least 30-50%.
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