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Originally Posted by Swattiger View Post
+1. I don't quite understand how come they still maintain such a overprice strategies under the pleasant circumstances, especially other retailers e.g. Revolutionairsoft, Torontoaisoft, are having a much more reasonably price level for their products.
Because search engine optimization, good branding, and high resolution photography works. There is a reason Evike and Airsplat are pulling many 10s of millions of dollars in sales every year. They understand marketing to young people in the 21st century. YouTube, Google search results, a solid website with pictures, etc.

RA and TA are without a doubt superior stores with either superior prices or service, but BuyAirsoft has the two words most likely to appear in the google search term "where to buy airsoft guns", or "buy airsoft guns canada", etc.

Another way to short circuit these things is to buy Google AdWords, which Toronto Airsoft is doing, which is why you'll often be searching for something they don't even offer -- or searching for one of their competitor's stores -- and see their company in the sponsored section of the result.

But in the end, the big pictures and videos likely beat everything else.
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