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Absolutely I support new vendors, retailers, suppliers to advertise here. There are so many manufacturers overseas just waiting to move their products into north America and at competative prices and quality items.

In this day and age it seem ridiculous that parts are "not available" when we all know too well that a lot of them are by doing an internet search. (unless of course it's out of production items) duh!

What's more frustrating are dealing with the retailers who leave a bad taste in the consumers mouth about following up on product requests and never get back.

For me living in vancouver i pray for sun. The last thing i want is waiting forever and a day to hear back from trying to obtain parts, which at times can kill off a big chunk of the season.

I say welcome new items and vendors, let manufacturers advertise here, open it up so this sport can grow and be affordable to everyone. Open up indoor play areas that operate during the week, not limited to weekend warrior games only. There are people who can make this happen. Grow it please, don't restrict it and whatever you do don't create dissention by choking out the flow of great products from people who are reaching ouit to us, the airsoft community.

Another point on my mind worth mentioning is having a structured approach to welcoming new players. Experianced players should at times take newbies under their wings to direct them in utilizing the "buddy" system. keep them close, keep 'em tight, keep 'em alive! don't push em all down to the other end and obliterate them. This is (in my opinion) not welcoming and counter productive to growing the sport.

I've read testimony of experianced players having a go at green apples just to "warm up"
resulting in the apples feeling very unenthusiastic about returning. I believe this should stop unless it's a "team" on Team game, even still, new recruits are dumped in the shit in real life, do it here please. If i'm talking out my ass, i appologize, get upwind already.

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